Helping Organizations and People Perform Better


Strategy Consultancy


Strategic advisory assignments around developing growth strategies, go-to-market, cost optimization, business process re-engineering and bottom-line transformation, which could be intensive effort engagements spanning 2-4 months or limited engagements involving certain number of days a month on a more sustained basis or oversight responsibilities as a Board member.

Work with companies on various strategic interventions which may have been identified but not actioned due to top management’s pre-occupation with running business ‘as usual’ and hence, not having enough bandwidth to follow through on these projects. To take on an outsourced Project Leader’s role, ensuring governance around these projects and collaborating with various stakeholders to keep the project always on top of the heap. These could be either diagnostic assignments (to discover what can be improved) or implementation assignments (to ensure delivery of pre-determined outcomes).

Deep dive into all or certain aspects of operations (supply chain, procurement, productivity), expense line items or revenue optimisation opportunities, bringing in my team or working with teams from within organization. Leveraging the teams from within the organization help keep costs low, ensure quicker project kick-off and no abdication of ownership in view of full involvement of internal teams.

Helping companies manage their toughest negotiation challenges, in extremely demanding environments, with a value creation approach focused on disruptive and out of box solutions to create joint value across supply chain through supplier-customer engagements, resulting in a genuine win-win for both parties

Taking over the role of a Project Leader on behalf of the company for companies embarking on Business Transformation projects with outside consulting firms or domain experts. Full responsibility assumed for governance, stakeholder management and on-time delivery of outcomes besides bringing FMCG domain expertise to the project.


  • Being a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach, Sandeep is trained on the methodology developed by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned management thinker and world’s #1 leadership coach and have access to proprietary tools and processes. There are only around 1500 coaches worldwide who are certified in this methodology, across 50 odd countries, all of whom follow the same process in their endeavour to help successful people become even better.
  • An ICF (International Coaching Federation) member and a certified NLP practioner, Sandeep works with executives and individuals to bring positive permanent change by using tools and techniques based on internationally approved methods and concepts like NLP, leveraging sub-conscious, whole brain thinking, emotional intelligence and powerful questioning.
  • Sandeep also engages with top/senior management leaders as an Executive/Life Coach to help them tap into their potential to better manage their challenges and teams. He specifically works with senior expatriate managers as a Mentor-Coach to help them navigate the Indian cultural sensitivities and behaviours, to best extract desired levels of performance from their teams and delivery of outcomes. Sandeep is well equipped for such assignments, given his expertise as a trained Coach and experience as a top tier executive with international exposure.


  • Mentoring, evaluating and investing in Start-ups
  • Helping build owner-independent scalable businesses.
  • Working with clients to discover, review and shortlist potential investment opportunities in the Startup space, given Sandeep's wide access to the start-up ecosystem